3 Day Vibrant Food Workshop

The Vibrant Food Retreat is an amazing opportunity to delve into the healthy cooking scene, as you will be trained and entertained by awarded raw vegan chef and wellness coach Donatas Certovskich.

Throughout a series of meal preparations, kitchen tips, & presentations you will set a foundation and gain experience.

You will understand the reasons behind ‘human food’ and ‘living food’ which makes us feel good and contributes to our overall health and wellbeing.

The rich content of the program will make a difference in your understanding about food and effects it has on your body.

By the end of this program, you will be knowledgeable about meals, juices, desserts, dressings, salads and most importantly, the food combination essentials and healthy alternative resourcing that will guide you through your life. 


Experiencing & Sharing

Donatas Certovskich is a professionally trained raw vegan chef and accredited wellnes coach.

Having worked for holistic establishments around Europe, US & Central America, he has created some of the most popular dishes of The LifeCo and SAF Restaurant which always tastes and well as it feels.

Permanently working for The LifeCo in Phuket he shares the experience and practical knowledge he has gained from his travels and holistic environments. He is responsible for educational food workshop, diet consultation as well as creating conscious and functional eating meals, healthy indulgence and dynamic nutritional experience for everyday life that sets the tone healthy and enjoyable future. 


  • Morning Workshop – Ingredients, Equipment and Preparation
  • Functional Food Talk
  • Afternoon Workshop – Recipes Preparation, Q&A
  • Use of Infrared Sauna, Steam Room, Pools & GYM
  • Thomas Lodi Lifestyle Talk (day varies each week)
  • The LifeCo Recipe Book
  • Diet and Nutrition Consultation (20 min)
  • Unlimited Alkali Water, Detox Broth, Herbal Teas
  • Morning Beachwalk


  • Detox or Healthy Nutrition Program
  • Accommodation
  • Colon Cleansing Treatment
  • IV Vitamin Therapies
  • Enema Treatments
  • Lymphatic Treatments
  • Massage Therapies
  • Doctor Consultation
  • Daily Yoga & Meditation


Price for 3 day package: 145€  /  6500 THB

Price for 1 day: 55€  /  2500 THB